Imamtreff Furkan Berlin

Furkan at the “Round Imam Meeting” – 14.11.2021

As part of the ,,Runden Imam Treff’’ the last meeting of the year took place on the 14.11.2021. The diversity of the imams and their different point of views and perspectives definitely enriched the meetings. Despite of the differences, we have a common goal – to promote the unity in the islamic community and to protect their religious identity. For that common goal the first cornerstones were placed. The Motto ,,let your success speak for itself’’ is what he had in mind. With that mindset we want to start the next year.

We want to thank every Imam, principal and representative of a mosque for their engagement to make the meetings happen. A special thank belongs to both coordinators of the project, Juanita and Mustafa. Both have continuously supported us with their expertise and organizational finesse.