Furkan Youth Academy
Furkan Youth Academy

The Furkan Youth Academy is an educational project, which pursues the goal to promote young people in their individual and social development and to help them form a socially conscious and responsible personality.

The teenagers are accompanied by a professional pedagogy team, which is providing them with religious knowledge, in order to strengthen their Identity and to eliminate prejudice and misconceptions about the religion.

Based on books from the ZAD-Academy we teach basic Islamic subjects like Aqida, Fiqh and Islamic education. The topics are simplified so that everybody is able to understand the content.

Furthermore there are regular projects that promote creativity and enable the participants to find like-minded friends.


Attention! Every Sunday we offer an online-class for children between the age of 6 and 12. In this valuable Kunuz-class the group deal interactively with Islamic knowledge and other interesting subjects in a playful manner.