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The Quran is the holy word of Allah, which was sent as a manifestation and a mercy through the prophet Muhammad – may peace and blessings be upon him – to all of mankind. Ever since, the muslims across the globe are aiming to learn, comprehend and teach the holy quran because the messenger of Allah – may peace and blessings be upon him – reported us:

“The best from amongst you are those, who learn and teach the quran.” [Sahih al Bukhari, chapter 59/ Hadith nr. 5027].

The aspiration of our Quran-School is to keep this ,,golden chain’’ of the holy quran alive by memorizing it and passing it on.

Our School provides individual classes with different levels for men, women and children.
1. Goldene Kette men/women

Beginners as well as advanced students can take part in this group.

2. Goldene Kette children

Learning the quran and having fun while doing so is the strategy used to instill love for the quran in the childrens hearts.

3. Goldene Kette Mums

An online class with a concept suitable for mothers.