Muslimische Community
Islamische Community

Meeting of the muslim community – 17./18.09.2021

On the 17./18.09.2021 we attended an event, that was lead by two interesting guests. We discussed the current situation of the muslim community in germany and furthermore reflected on the previous accomplishments and talked about areas that need to be improved. The workshop on the second day was very instructive. We visualized the pain of the community and simultaneously emphasized which steps we need to take in order to promote change. The following aspects were evaluated:

• Recognition is not given, but earned
• Despite of difference point of views regarding some subjects, the collective and the unity should be the main priority
• Be self-confident while representing your values and be determined while fighting against discrimination. At the same time eliminate prejudice with kindness and good behavior. We thank every participant for coming out. A special thanks goes to Interbibe for organizing this event