Dein Weg zum Iman
Weekly Input

The Furkan Zentrum weekly provides a variety of lectures in german and arabic. The main objective is to educate our community about religious and general knowledge.

Human Touch

The main focus of this lecture is to not only teach parenting and child-rearing in theory by referring to scientific books, but to rather provide practical advices and to discuss them with the audience. The lessons are mainly focusing on strengthening interpersonal and social skills.

Furkan Academy

In this lecture we teach fundamental religious knowledge, which is a necessary foundation for every muslim. Aqida, Fiqh, Hadith and the Sira of the Prophet – may peace and blessings be upon him – are tought in a simplified and understandable manner.

Interpretation of the Quran

For the proper comprehension of the holy Quran it is inevitable to occupy yourself with Allahs words. With that importance in mind we offer weekly lessons in which we use some of the popular Tafsir-books to speak, reflect and ponder about the holy verses.