Dr Werner Schiffhauer
Dr Werner Schiffhauer Seminar

Furkan attending the seminar of Dr. Werner Schittauer – 02.10.2021

On the 1 and 2nd of October 2021 we had the honor to participate in Dr. Werner Schiffauers seminar.

Topics of the seminar:

• Which political experience could be gained in Germany so far
• Which strength and which weaknesses do we possess and where are potential chances? Furthermore we deeply reflected about the german history and the political change that were caused by it. In Addition we talked about the muslim rights and how we can elevate into a strong Islamic community: In summary we would like to give you the following advices:
• Take some time to read and learn about the german history in all his facets
• Read about the fundamentals of the basic law, and see which rights exist, that you may not know about
• As a human being and as a muslim you have dignity and under no circtumstances you should be humiliated because of your morals or values
• Talking to each other instead of talking about each other is essential to create a successful interreligious relationship. Weaknesses should be turned into Strength. Differences should be tolerated